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2021 NCC STARTALK Teacher Training Program "Chinese classic novels as a bridge to linguistic and intercultural competence"

June,13th - July, 2nd, 2021

In response to the immediate need for effective linguistic and intercultural competence between the U.S. and China, North Central College (NCC) seeks STARTALK funding to support a fully-online teacher training program, "North Central College-STARTALK Teacher Training: Chinese novels as a bridge to linguistic and intercultural competence".
This program will provide professional development for twelve (12) in-service high school teachers of Mandarin during a 3-week (90-hours) online training, which employs both synchronous and asynchronous interactions among instructors and participants, featuring presentations by prestigious experts, formative assessments, observation of recorded model teachers, peer learning and feedback, micro-teaching practice, development of an e-portfolio, self-assessment, and personal growth plan.
Program participants will develop the skills needed to construct meaningful learning experiences (centered on real-world tasks) that prepare, advance, and support student learning and allow for thoughtful and nuanced examination of the similarities and differences across Chinese and American cultural perspectives based on classic works of literature central to Chinese values and identity.
Participants will have structured opportunities to engage with and reflect on narratives, characters, and themes central to Chinese culture and together discover ways to bring these foundational texts and the Chinese language itself “to life” for their students through rich experiential lessons. Technology will be leveraged in the design and implementation of experiential learning activities that foster growth in linguistic and intercultural competence.
Program Highlights:
  • The program is to equip Chinese teachers with strategies and hands-on activities that will develop and refine effective and engaging Chinese language teaching strategies reflect the STARTALK- endorsed Principles.
  • The training will allow participants to focus on the key issues in selecting and using authentic materials, and work with curriculum design experts to create and receive feedback on their own lesson plans/learning episodes.
  • All participants will receive a certificate of 90 hours of professional development upon successful completion of the program.
  • Build strong networks for collaboration within a Chinese language teaching professional learning community (PLC)
Application Open: April 6, 2021 - May 16, 2021
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